A little History About Xcelsius

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Like many of us in the corporate world, Santiago Becerra, Sr. has first-hand experience with the dull data environments that leave many managers and key decision-makers ill-equipped to manage their businesses. In his various roles in the business world, he knows that the problem he constantly faces is the same problem that many organizations suffer from — that too much information is lost in the transition between data analysis and data presentation.

Visit my new blog at www.myxcelsius.com

That is, after a presentation is put on paper, managers are automatically boxed into the thought processes of the presenter, often forcing them to either take the data analysis at face value or to ask for more analyses, which naturally takes up more critical company time. The question was how to provide a compelling presentation without losing the ability to interactively change the direction and scope of the data analysis behind the information being presented.

Becerra eventually joined forces with his son who had spent his career creating many popular video games such as Midtown Madness and Midnight Club. Together, they used video game technology in conjunction with practical business concepts to create Crystal Xcelsius. With Crystal Xcelsius, the Becerra father-and-son team provided business professionals with something few have had access to in the past: affordable, interactive visualization of business data that could be delivered in easy-to-create dynamic presentations. For the first time, managers could bridge the gap between data analysis and data presentation without the need for expensive enterprise solutions.

Xcelsius was first released by Infommersion, Inc, which is owned by the Becerras. Infommersion launched the $195 standard version of the program in July 2003. Later Business Objects (French company that develops enterprise software, specifically software that provides business intelligence (BI) to businesses) acquired Infommersion, Inc. The acquisition was an all-cash transaction of approximately $40 million US. Click here for the Complete Article. Later Business Objects named it Crystal Xcelsius and now the Latest Version 4.5 is sold under the Business Objects Product Line.

Visit my new blog at www.myxcelsius.com


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