Who are the Competitors to Xcelsius?

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Off late many people asked me this question, so researched a little. There are a number of competitors to Xcelsius. At the high end there is the excellent Spotfire Decision Site, as well as SAS Insight. For those looking for a less expensive system, Hyperion’s Visual Explorer and Cognos’ PowerPlay come to mind. But none of these has the same feature set and price performance as Xcelsius:

  • Xcelsius Standard – $195 for development capabilities with Flash and PowerPoint output
  • Xcelsius Professional – $495 adds more components, PDF output and full developers API
  • Xcelsius Workgroup – $4,999 plus 25 user licenses adds Web Services and XML connections

Visit my new blog at www.myxcelsius.com

Given the viral nature of Xcelsius adoption, IT managers will have to decide whether the future direction of Xcelsius Workgroup is going to fit well into a broader Business Objects Portal/dashboard strategy — or if Xcelsius will be kept in the trenches, limited to top-flight presentations.

Visit my new blog at www.myxcelsius.com


2 Responses to “Who are the Competitors to Xcelsius?”

  1. 1 prademaker March 4, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Realy enjoyed your posts, specially the video XML Map refresh.

    Have a question about the different versions of Xcelsius, hope you can help me. I want to make a dashboard using XML-files to refresh my data dynamically.

    As I understand I need Xcelcius workgroup for this. But what about Xcelsius 4.5 designer? Don’t see why I would need 25 user licenses when I just want to create a flsh file that is published on our intranet.

    The price-tag for the workgroup version is jus a bit to high for us.

  2. 2 msteedle April 6, 2008 at 9:27 pm


    While they are just “paper” licenses that cannot be enforced by Business Objects, it is their policy that a dashboard using any of their live connectivity options, including XML, requires viewer licenses to see it. Conversely, if you took the same dashboard and manually refreshed the underlying spreadsheet, reimported it into your model, and generated a new SWF every morning, that wouldn’t require any viewer licenses. Those are just their rules.

    You can buy Xcelsius Designer with live data connectivity options for about $1,500, not including any viewer licenses. Viewer licenses can also be bought a la carte, if you need far fewer than 25, though they’re individually more expensive than when bought in a bundle.

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