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Data Input Forms in MS Excel

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Forms help you input data into a spreadsheet more easily. We’ll look at a data input form. We’re going to see how helpful a data input form is, and how easy it is to create one. In fact, you won’t be creating one at all – Excel does all the work for you.

Start a new spreadsheet. Enter January in cell A1. AutoFill the months up to October in column J. Then do the following:

  • Highlight the entire A column by clicking on the letter A at the top of the spreadsheet

  • Hold down your left mouse button on the letter A of the column

  • Keep it held down and drag to the right

  • Keep dragging until you have highlighted all the columns from A to J

  • Your highlighted spreadsheet will look like this:


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Integrating Crystal Xcelsius with IBM and UNIX Screen Based Applications

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Sometimes organisations would like to use data that users can see on their screens, rather than going searching the underlying database itself.

The reasons for doing this may include:

  • Lack of accessibility to the database.
  • The data within the database is difficult to locate and identify.
  • The screen application has business logic that is independent of the database.
  • Replicating business logic within the database would be financially prohibitive.

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Integrating Crystal Xcelsius with SQL Compliant Databases

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Enterprise customers have two business-critical needs. They need a fast, reliable and economical way to access the data trapped in their back-end applications and data stores, and they require integrated management dashboards to help them quickly assimilate complex data in real-time.

Flynet Viewer’s Web Service Generator for Databases (WSGd), coupled with Crystal Xcelsius Workgroup fulfils these needs. The Web Service Generator allows you to very easily create web services that quickly retrieve and display any data that you require from your data store.

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Live Xcelsius Dashboards using Web Services

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If you thought it just takes some cool Excel tricks and Eye Candy Dials and Gauges to create dashboards using Xcelsius, and you are happy with it, well you might have to expand your Xcelsius Horizons by considering Xcelsius Workgroup Edition. Using Crystal Xcelsius Workgroup, one can connect their dashboards up to any live data source simply and easily, via XML or web service connectors. This enables the seamless and ordered transfer of selected data from databases and applications to the Crystal Xcelsius dashboards.

Xcelsisu Webservices

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