Live Xcelsius Dashboards using Web Services

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If you thought it just takes some cool Excel tricks and Eye Candy Dials and Gauges to create dashboards using Xcelsius, and you are happy with it, well you might have to expand your Xcelsius Horizons by considering Xcelsius Workgroup Edition. Using Crystal Xcelsius Workgroup, one can connect their dashboards up to any live data source simply and easily, via XML or web service connectors. This enables the seamless and ordered transfer of selected data from databases and applications to the Crystal Xcelsius dashboards.

Xcelsisu Webservices

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Using the Crystal Xcelsius Web Service Connector is simplicity itself. You drag the “Web Service Connector” component found in the “Web Connectivity” category onto your canvas. Double-click on this newly created connector button to see its properties. Here you can enter the URL of your Web Service and see all the available data. You can then map the results of the web service call into your Excel data model.

Data residing in any data source, including Legacy applications, can now be integrated into Crystal Xcelsius to show key performance indicators in real time, enabling Managers to make fast informed decisions, increasing both business efficiency and profitability.

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