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Connecting Crystal Reports Data to Xcelsius Charts

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In this video demonstration Robert Horne from Business Objects is going to talk about Connecting Crystal Report Data to Xcelsius Charts. He builds a Crystal Xcelsius What-If Visual Model for Crystal Reports. The following are the Tasks:

  1. Exporting Crystal reports Data to Excel
  2. Creating a simple Xcelsius visual model
  3. Embedding the Visual Model inside Crystal reports and linking it to Crystal Reports data.

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How to launch customized Crystal Reports from your dashboards?

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Do business users at your company ever look at a dashboard and wonder where the data comes from? Would they like to be able to view a report with the detailed data? Good news—they can. Now you can launch a Crystal Report directly from your Crystal Xcelsius dashboard. In this article you’ll learn how to leverage Crystal Vision Server (which includes Crystal Reports Server and Crystal Xcelsius Workgroup) to provide a link from your dashboard to launch a Crystal Report, passing content and parameters along the way.

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