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Post Update: Live Weather Utility fixed and updated

Beginning of June i posted an article about a Weather Utility built using Crystal Xcelsius 2008. Users had issues using the utility, hence from the feedback and suggestions its been updated and posted. Click here for more info.


Check your Local Weather with this Live Xcelsius Utility

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Xcelsius Utilities

A simple utility to check the Local Weather in your area. Just enter the Zip Code and click on the GO button. The data is driven by a RSS Feed from yahoo weather, which is responsible for live feeds. This tool is built using Crystal Xcelsisus 2008. Click on the image to open the Utility.

Top 10 Xcelsius 2008 Features by Ryan Goodman

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He is back with a Bang, with a new look and feel to his blog and also Exploring the All new Xcelsius 2008. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Goodman, the Xcelsius Evangelist is back. In this article Ryan lists his personal Top 10 features of Xcelsius 2008. He says “Any xcelsius user will be exited about these features”, he is true, im totally excited and could’nt stop posting the link on my blog. Here it is, click here for the article.

Xcelsius Excel Logic – example lookup tables

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These files provides some examples of how to build logic into your Excel spreadsheet that will provide lookup capabilities in Xcelsius. Continue reading ‘Xcelsius Excel Logic – example lookup tables’

Web Service Generator as a part of Xcelsius Engage

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This presentation by Mark Bain details the working of Web Service Generator as a part of Xcelsius Engage.

Mark explores the Various connecting sources of Flynet Web Service Generator which comes with Xcelsius Engage.

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Business Objects QAWS and Crystal Xcelsius

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In this Video demonstration you will learn how to use the QAWS (Query as a Web Service) feature of Business Objects and build Dynamic and Live Dashboard using Crystal Xcelsius.

Connecting Xcelsius Dashboards to External Data Sources using XML Data Button.

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This article is A step-by-step guide to connecting Xcelsius Enterprise XE dashboards to company databases using an XML Data Button for enterprise-wide reporting by Chris Bryant.

A corporate dashboard is critical for monitoring the daily health of an organization. It gives decision-makers concise, visual access to key performance indicators that drive the business.
With Xcelsius|Enterprise XE, the award-winning software from Infommersion, users create and deploy corporate dashboards that make it easier than ever to identify critical data relationships, probe elaborate “what-if” scenarios, and peer into their company’s financial future.

By combining critical business data with the features of Macromedia Flash™, Xcelsius gives users the power to convert data from ordinary Excel spreadsheets and XML-compliant company databases into dynamic dashboards and data presentations for Portals, PowerPoint and the Web. This guide provides a step-by-step guide to connecting Xcelsius|Enterprise XE data presentations to company databases using Web services (dynamic Web query), for enterprise-wide reporting.
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