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Xcelsius Present 2008 Released!

Today, Business Objects, an SAP company unveiled a new version of Xcelsius, its called “Xcelsius Present 2008”. For people who get easily intimidated by a lot of Editions of the same software, dont worry, Xcelsius Present is same as Xcelsius Engage 2008 but with limited features. One of the major is data sources. “Microsoft Excel XP/2003/2007” is the only data source that can be used with Xcelsius Present 2008. I personally feel this as a great move by Business Objects, an SAP company. They have addressed business users who need to create static dashboards with pre-existing MS Excel and Xcelsius templates. By stripping the features and adding templates they have managed to get the price down to $195 for a single copy.

Click here for First Look: Xcelsius Present 2008.

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Top 10 Xcelsius 2008 Features by Ryan Goodman

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He is back with a Bang, with a new look and feel to his blog and also Exploring the All new Xcelsius 2008. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Goodman, the Xcelsius Evangelist is back. In this article Ryan lists his personal Top 10 features of Xcelsius 2008. He says “Any xcelsius user will be exited about these features”, he is true, im totally excited and could’nt stop posting the link on my blog. Here it is, click here for the article.

What’s new in Xcelsius 2008

Xcelsius 2008

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Xcelsius® 2008 delivers next-generation data visualization tools that let users of different skill levels in small, mid-size, and enterprise companies to transform complex business data into actionable visual information. Xcelsius 2008 gives you the power of what-if analysis to shed light on any possible business decision.

Xcelsius 2008 makes it even easier for you to create data presentations and dashboards from personal and corporate data sources by providing the following key benefits:

  • Improved work flows
  • New components and features
  • New data connectivity and integration options
  • Flexible design and customizations capabilities

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How Xcelsius Works?

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Crystal Xcelsius is an intuitive stand-alone Windows application, designed to create engaging, interactive Excel dashboards and business presentations from ordinary spreadsheets. It is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office products, and requires no programming. Continue reading ‘How Xcelsius Works?’

A little History About Xcelsius

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Like many of us in the corporate world, Santiago Becerra, Sr. has first-hand experience with the dull data environments that leave many managers and key decision-makers ill-equipped to manage their businesses. In his various roles in the business world, he knows that the problem he constantly faces is the same problem that many organizations suffer from — that too much information is lost in the transition between data analysis and data presentation.

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