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Xcelsius Excel Logic – example lookup tables

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These files provides some examples of how to build logic into your Excel spreadsheet that will provide lookup capabilities in Xcelsius. Continue reading ‘Xcelsius Excel Logic – example lookup tables’


Video: XML Map Refresh Component in Xcelsius

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Did you know you can update your source data without re-importing a spreadsheet into Crystal Xcelsius?

Extensible Markup Language (XML) defines a format for sharing data across platforms. Because Excel 2003 and Crystal Xcelsius both offer built-in XML capabilities, you can use the XML format to feed data dynamically into your Crystal Xcelsius-built model or dashboard. The advantage is, once you have built an XML-enabled model, you can forgo the re-import process. Sound good? Watch the Videos:

Part I


Part II


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“Excel is busy” message when importing Excel spreadsheet

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The deadline is nearing, the boss is breathing down your neck and BANG pops up this error message on your screen. I understand how bad is that situation. I have seen many users encountering the same issue. All the tech support forums are stormed with this issue. I did face this issue sometime earlier, however i dont know how it was fixed, i woke up the other day and it was gone. Anyways, let me tell you what all i tried and failed and its not just me who tried without a fix.

  1. Tried creating a new Excel sheet and link it to the Dashboard-Negative
  2. Tried re-installing both Xcelsius and MS Office-Negative
  3. Killed all excel add-ins-Negative
  4. Shut down Anti-Virus-Negative
  5. Tried on various Office Versions (2000, XP, 2003 & 2007)-Negative
  6. Un-Installed all Excel related software-Negative
  7. Posted questions on various forums-Negative
  8. Asked theExperts in the technology-Negative

Guess what was left. Yup. Pray to God-Hell Negative. Also looks like there was no specific response from BO on this issue despite several attempts. Finally we had to do the ultimate solution for all issues, OS Re installation, which is the last thing i wanted to do. Yes it worked, but everyday while driving to work i just pray god it does not pop up again. Nevertheless, if you have faced the same issue and resolved it, then please leave a comment.

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Data Input Forms in MS Excel

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Forms help you input data into a spreadsheet more easily. We’ll look at a data input form. We’re going to see how helpful a data input form is, and how easy it is to create one. In fact, you won’t be creating one at all – Excel does all the work for you.

Start a new spreadsheet. Enter January in cell A1. AutoFill the months up to October in column J. Then do the following:

  • Highlight the entire A column by clicking on the letter A at the top of the spreadsheet

  • Hold down your left mouse button on the letter A of the column

  • Keep it held down and drag to the right

  • Keep dragging until you have highlighted all the columns from A to J

  • Your highlighted spreadsheet will look like this:


Continue reading ‘Data Input Forms in MS Excel’