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Connecting Xcelsius Dashboards to External Data Sources using XML Data Button.

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This article is A step-by-step guide to connecting Xcelsius Enterprise XE dashboards to company databases using an XML Data Button for enterprise-wide reporting by Chris Bryant.

A corporate dashboard is critical for monitoring the daily health of an organization. It gives decision-makers concise, visual access to key performance indicators that drive the business.
With Xcelsius|Enterprise XE, the award-winning software from Infommersion, users create and deploy corporate dashboards that make it easier than ever to identify critical data relationships, probe elaborate “what-if” scenarios, and peer into their company’s financial future.

By combining critical business data with the features of Macromedia Flash™, Xcelsius gives users the power to convert data from ordinary Excel spreadsheets and XML-compliant company databases into dynamic dashboards and data presentations for Portals, PowerPoint and the Web. This guide provides a step-by-step guide to connecting Xcelsius|Enterprise XE data presentations to company databases using Web services (dynamic Web query), for enterprise-wide reporting.
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