The Dashboards you see on this page are created by Crystal Xcelsius Team as Examples for people who want to try Xcelsius. The links are directly from xcelsius website. Also you will find Dashboards from some of the best xcelsius dashboarding Consultants like Analysis Factory and Bright Point Inc. Some of the Dashboards from the Xcelsius website are from these Consultants. I hope you will find them useful.

If you cannot open these Dashboards, download the latest version of Macromedia’s Flash Player.

1. Projected Word Sales Model

This interactive, visual model allows executives to forecast their annual sales and marketing expense for various World regions by modifying the projected sales growth for each region. Executives can further analyze regional results by comparing their 5 year annual sales trends to their top two competitors, and by viewing relative market presence for all regions.

Download as: PowerPoint Flash PDF MS Word Source Files

2. Competitive Comparison Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to perform competitive analysis across three key areas: cost structure, market share and growth trends. View head-to-head comparisons of each line item in your income statement. Visualize your slice of the market versus your main competitors. And perform ad hoc analysis to see growth trends for you, your competitors, and the industry.

Download as: PowerPoint Flash PDF MS Word Source Files

3. Financial Visual Business Model

Analysis Factory’s ECFO solution helps financial managers present an accurate, comprehensive, yet easy to understand picture of an organization’s fiscal and operating condition. ECFO meets many of the challenges facing the Finance Department of today’s medium to large companies.

For more information about this solution, contact Analysis Factory.

4. Executive Console

BrightPoint Consulting’s Executive Console connected to an ERP system provides a convenient way for executives to monitor various aspects of their business. This visualization uses composite key performance indexes that consolidate the multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of the four departments. Supporting analytics are presented for each KPI in an easy to read, interactive format, that lets the viewer drill down into the source ERP data. This design provides executives with a concise “one-glance” summary of all important business functions.

For more information about this solution, contact BrightPoint Consulting.

5. Banking Visual Model

This financial visual model offers a dynamic combination of “what-if” scenarios and drill-down features. It covers aspects such as financial performance, growth, risk, and market share. Clicking on a specific value point shows the viewer the underlying individual report.

For more information about this visualization, contact a Business Objects sales rep.


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