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QuickFix: Xcelsius stops responding or terminates unexpectedly!

The QuickFix Series is all about common issues and possible workarounds in Xcelsius. They are quick and easy. I’ve made a small icon for this series. The icon represents my new blog at I will be starting a similar series there too. Have fun.

Issue: Xcelsius stops responding or terminates unexpectedly!

Many users must have faced this issue with both Xcelsius 4.5 and Xcelsius 2008. Here are some of the possible causes and workarounds:

Embedded SWF file: One of the main causes for this error is the embedded swf files. If the embedded swf file has an issue you most likely get this error. Delete it from the canvas and try again.

Temp Folder: Check the temp folder, it might be full, delete the temp files and try again.

Version Check: Your computer might be having an older version of xcelsius, sometimes upgrading it to a newer version might solve this issue.

MS Office angle: MS Office updates might be one of the causes. If you have updated MS Office, try reinstalling Xcelsius or restore back to MS office before updates.

Hope these workarounds help. Happy Dashboarding.

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Check your Local Weather with this Live Xcelsius Utility

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Xcelsius Utilities

A simple utility to check the Local Weather in your area. Just enter the Zip Code and click on the GO button. The data is driven by a RSS Feed from yahoo weather, which is responsible for live feeds. This tool is built using Crystal Xcelsisus 2008. Click on the image to open the Utility.

Top 10 Xcelsius 2008 Features by Ryan Goodman

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He is back with a Bang, with a new look and feel to his blog and also Exploring the All new Xcelsius 2008. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Goodman, the Xcelsius Evangelist is back. In this article Ryan lists his personal Top 10 features of Xcelsius 2008. He says “Any xcelsius user will be exited about these features”, he is true, im totally excited and could’nt stop posting the link on my blog. Here it is, click here for the article.

What’s new in Xcelsius 2008

Xcelsius 2008

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Xcelsius® 2008 delivers next-generation data visualization tools that let users of different skill levels in small, mid-size, and enterprise companies to transform complex business data into actionable visual information. Xcelsius 2008 gives you the power of what-if analysis to shed light on any possible business decision.

Xcelsius 2008 makes it even easier for you to create data presentations and dashboards from personal and corporate data sources by providing the following key benefits:

  • Improved work flows
  • New components and features
  • New data connectivity and integration options
  • Flexible design and customizations capabilities

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Xcelsius Excel Logic – example lookup tables

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These files provides some examples of how to build logic into your Excel spreadsheet that will provide lookup capabilities in Xcelsius. Continue reading ‘Xcelsius Excel Logic – example lookup tables’

Web Service Generator as a part of Xcelsius Engage

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This presentation by Mark Bain details the working of Web Service Generator as a part of Xcelsius Engage.

Mark explores the Various connecting sources of Flynet Web Service Generator which comes with Xcelsius Engage.

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